Spanish course B1

Spanish course intermediate B1

Course description

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This Spanish B1 course – Spanish grammar online is designed for students who want to achieve an intermediate level of Spanish and want to continue their learning. It deepens and extends their existing knowledge of Spanish language.
The following placement test will allow you to evaluate your existing level of Spanish online.

Course content

Lesson 1    Estar + gerund
Lesson 2   The Indefinido – simple past tense, formation
Lesson 3   The Indefinido – simple past tense, phrases
Lesson 4  The present perfect vs. the simple past
Lesson 5  The imperfect past (indicative)
Lesson 6  Simple past vs. Imperfect
Lesson 7   The past perfect (pluperfect)

Lesson 8  Verb forms in the past (indicative)
Lesson 9   Prepositions
Lesson 10  Indirect object pronouns
Lesson 11   Comparative
Lesson 12  Superlative
Lesson 13   Story to read
Lesson 14   Revision