Hexagon Description

I am Yolard Patricia Rojas, Regional Director of Direct Sales and Channels in Hexagon, I cover the northern region of Latin America that includes Mexico, the countries of Central America, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Venezuela and Guyanas. I want to share with you information about our company and our portfolio.

Hexagon is a Swedish company, which has more than 20,000 employees around the world, has offices in 50 countries and 7 thematic divisions that are Mining, Agriculture, Security, infrastructure and Geospatial, industrial asset management and field work teams. We are a publicly traded company, which demands high levels of quality from us and we are in the Garnert quadrant and have won awards as the best geospatial software company.

By administrative organization, in the particular case of Latin America we depend on the United States office, located in Hunstville – Atlanta.

Hexagon is a world-renowned company for what is known today as connected autonomous ecosystems, an example of this is Thesla’s autonomous vehicles, but mainly software.

We produce applications such as those used in 911, 123 in Colombia, public safety applications and powerful geospatial software applications, these provide customers with situational awareness, that is, they see their business variables in geographic environments with which they identify, studies Scientists show that when information is managed in this way, decision makers are exponentially more successful.

Globally there are more and more images (satellite, taken with drones, with long-range optronic sensors, among others) for different types of analysis such as detection of changes, for example the sinking of the earth, control and monitoring of various aspects such as the growth of cities, the planting of illicit crops, deforestation, this increase in images requires automation of the analyzes, otherwise in the next 20 years, we will require more than 8 million analysts to process all the images that are being taking; Hexagon has patented technology that performs these analyzes by applying machine training and artificial intelligence processes.

At Hexagon we have developed a business model that allows our clients to have governance not only over information but also over the applications that manage it, therefore we work with open standards, we are part of the OGC which is an international body that regulates interoperability of geographic products and we transfer knowledge to our clients so that they are autonomous in the application evolution processes, this last point is achieved through APIs (Application Program Interface) which is a set of routines, protocols and tools for create software applications.

Basically, an API specifies how the software components should interact. Additionally, APIs are used when programming graphical user interface (GUI) components. A good API makes it easy to develop a program by providing all the basic components. Then a programmer puts the blocks together. I always say that we provide a Lego type toolbox that are organized according to the specific needs of our clients.

Within our business model we have the possibility of providing our clients with perpetual licenses of our applications, in this case clients pay annually an amount equivalent to 22% of the purchase value, to obtain access to the latest versions of the software, correction of errors, resolution of doubts and problems and technical support to the construction process.

We can also provide software solutions in subscription mode for specific periods starting with a minimum of 1 year and later for the number of months that the client requires, this model is adjusted to some specific circumstances that we help define with our pre-sales teams. , once we know the so-called “User History” of our client.