English Intermediate B1

The exact course content is tailored to the specific needs and wishes of each participant, but most English training courses include elements of vocabulary building, grammar, conversational skills, reading and writing.


Subject & Object Pronouns Possessive Adjectives Time Expressions Describing Habitual and Ongoing

Simple Present Tense Present Continuous Tense.

Unit 1

Past Continuous Tense Reporting Past Activities Mishaps Difficult Experiences Describing a Trip

Simple Past Tense, Regular
and Irregular Verbs. 

Unit 2

Future continuous tense, time expressions, possessive pronouns.

Future Will & Going to.

Unit 3

Describing actions that have and haven’t occurred yet, Making recommendations, to do lists. 

Present Perfect Tense  

Unit 4

Also present perfect vs, Past tense. Since/for

Present Perfect vs. Present tense

Unit 5

Discussing duration of activity, describing experiences, reassuring someone.

Present Pefect Continuous.

Unit 6

Discussing things you dislike doing, Habits.

Gerunds and infinitives.

Unit 7

Discussing things people had done, events, consequences, feelings, accomplishments.

Past Perfect, past perfect continuous.

Unit 8

Discussing things are going to happen, remembering and forgetting .

Two-words verbs separable, inseparable.

Unit 9 

Coincidences, asking and giving reasons describing people’s background. 

Connectors; And, too, either, so, but, either, neither.

Unit 10