English A1 for beginners

The exact course content is tailored to the specific needs and wishes of each participant, but most English training courses include elements of vocabulary building, grammar, conversational skills, reading and writing.


Personal Information, Meeting People 

To Be: Introduction 

Unit 1

Classroom Objects, Rooms in the Home, Cities and Nationalities, Places Around Town

To Be + Location Subject Pronouns

Unit 2

Everyday Activities

Present Continuous Tense

Unit 3

Everyday Activities

To Be: Short Answers Possessive Adjectives  

Unit 4

Describing People and Things, Weather

To Be: Yes/No Questions, Short Answers Adjectives Possessive Nouns

Unit 5

Family Members, Describing Activities and Events 

To Be: Review Present Continuous Tense: Review Prepositions of Location  

Unit 6

Places Around Town, Locating Places, Describing Neighborhoods and Apartments  

Prepositions There is/There Are Singular/Plural: Introduction

Unit 7

Clothing, Colors, Shoping

Singular/Plural Adjectives This/That/These/Those

Unit 8

Languages and Nationalities, Everyday Activities

Simple Present Tense

Unit 9 

Habitual Actions, People Interests and Activities

Simple Present Tense: Yes/No Questions, Negatives Short Answers

Unit 10

Describing Frequency of Actions, Frequency People

Object Pronouns Simple Present Tense: S vs. non-s Endings Have/Has Adverbs of Frequency

Unit 11

Feelings and Emotions, Describing Usual and Unusual Activities

Contrast: Simple Present and Present Continuous Tenses Adjectives 

Unit 12

Expressing Ability, Occupations, Looking for a Job, Expressing Obligation, Invitations  

Can – Have to

Unit 13

Describing Future Plans and Intentions, Expressing Wants, Weather Forecasts, Telling Time, Making Prediction. 

Future: Going to Time Expressions Want to

Unit 14

Past Actions and Activities, Aliments, Describing an Event, Making a Doctor’s Appointment

Past Tense: Regular Verbs, Introduction to Irregular

Unit 15

Reporting Past Actions and Activities, Giving Reasons, Giving Excuses

Past Tense: Regular Verbs, Introduction to Irregular

Unit 16

Television Commercials, Describing Physical States and Emotions, Telling About the Past, Biographies and Autobiographies 

To Be: Past Tense

Unit 17

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