Colombia - CAR - SAVBIA description

Although this is one of the biggest environmental authorities, there are 33 more local authorities that may be interested in this type of solutions. The CAR would be a pioneer in the implementation of dynamics geospatial data infrastructure, if we managed to close this deal. It is important to clarify that not even the IGAC, which is the responsible for the official map of Colombia has solutions like this.

Despite we support the client by writing some technical requirements that only apply for us, it is good to highlight that ESRI has been in the Colombian Market for around 40 years. This organization has been considered by the CAR as the only provider of Geographical Information Systems. This company, despite not having the type of solutions we do, might be interested in applying for this process as well. SKG, which is another provider company, would be also interested in being part of it. They have been working on the inclusion of geographical information for their products by developing free software.