English Online A1

English course beginner A1

Course description

This English A1 course – online is designed for beginners wanting to study English from the very beginning. It offers a clear and comprehensive grammatical foundation to acquire a basic knowledge of the English language.

The following placement test will allow you to evaluate your existing level of Spanish online.

Course content

Lesson 1  To Be: Introduction
Lesson 2  To Be + Location Subject Pronouns
Lesson 3  Present Continuous Tense
Lesson 4  To Be: Short Answers Possessive Adjectives
Lesson 5  To Be: Yes/No Questions Short Answers Adjectives Possessive Nouns
Lesson 6 To Be: Review Present Continuous Tense:
Review Prepositions of Location
Lesson 7  Prepositions There Is/There Are Singular/Plural: Introduction
Lesson 8 Singular/Plural Adjectives, This/That/These/Those
Lesson 9 Simple Present Tense
Lesson 10  Simple Present Tense: Yes/No Questions Negatives Short Answers

Lesson 11  Object Pronouns Simple Present Tense: S vs. non-s Endings Have/Has Adverbs of Frequency
Lesson 12  Contrast: Simple Present and Present Continuous Tenses Adjectives
Lesson 13 Can /Have to
Lesson 14 Future: Going to Time Expressions,
Want to, Describing Future, Plans and Intentions
Lesson 15 Past Tense: Regular Verbs Introduction to Irregular Verbs
Lesson 16 Past Tense: Yes/No Questions, Short Answers, WH-Questions, More Irregular Verbs, Time Expressions
Lesson 17 To Be: Past Tense Tense