Spanish Online A1

Spanish course beginner A1

Course description

This Spanish A1 course – online is designed for beginners wanting to study Spanish from the very beginning. It offers a clear and comprehensive grammatical foundation to acquire a basic knowledge of the Spanish language.

The following placement test will allow you to evaluate your existing level of Spanish online.

Course content

Lesson 1   Alphabet and pronunciation  – Greetings
Lesson 2   Nouns, adjectives, articles  – Family
Lesson 3   Verbs in the present, prepositions  –  At Home
Lesson 4  Pronominal verbs, the time – Routines
Lesson 5  Possessive adjectives, verb to like  – Hobbies
Lesson 6   Prepositions, demonstrative adjectives -The city

Lesson 7  Indefinite adjectives – The restaurant
Lesson 8 To be (ser vs. estar) – Friends
Lesson 9   Modal verbs – Health Home
Lesson 10  Future tense – Holidays
Lesson 11  Story to read
Lesson 12  Test A1